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Gokujou Naruto Doujinshi

Exist: Page 25

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Gokujou Naruto
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I exist for you

I exist for you
by Acute Girls


Yay! It's done! Now, um, please make my headache worth it and tell me what you think! I might get done with the next one a bit faster. *Winks*
Translating notes:
(Page 5 and page 23)

 “Nodomoto made dekakatte, itsumo nomikomu kotoba ga aru.”

Dekakatte confuse me. I read it at first as “dekakete” which is “to leave.”

I’m not really sure why it does that…so until I find out why it’s different, and what it means, you get my lovely guess. ^_^ I’ll ask around (to my English teacher in Japan or my Italian friend who speaks Japanese), so don’t worry.

In the mean time, I’m treating this like an idiomatic (natural, specific to a language with a specific connotation) phrase. So. I’m thinking it’s along the lines of what I wrote.


(Page 7) As for the “s-rank level” bit, that was actually “bingobukku level” or “bingo book level.” Now, I can’t remember the translation they gave that when Zabuza mentioned it…and I forgot about it until now. I figured you wouldn’t remember, either, so went with the more known “s-rank” phrase.


(Page 7) About the cliff. There were two 4-kanji long compounds. I got bored of trying to find a perfect translation, so I just simplified it. I may be missing a fine point in the “feel” of that line, but there’s limited space, and my patience only runs so deep for kanji compounds (and you have to simplify anyway, ‘cause there are few English sayings that can squish that amount of meaning into one word…).

You're done for now. And now we need to either upgrade the site, or get a new free one...hmm...

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