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Gokujou Naruto Doujinshi

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Gokujou Naruto
The Best Spiral
Alas, Pathos' Misunderstanding
I exist for you

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Warning: These doujinshi may contain swear words, questionable content, or sexual content. 


Reading is not recomended for those under the age of seventeen, and those who may be offended by yaoi (male/male relationships).


Please view with caution, and be mindfull of all warnigns.


Welcome to this mini archive of doujinshi!


Feel free to read, but please respect the amount of time it's taken to translate these and don't post them anywhere else.


We appreciate feedback, corrections or rants, on these pathetic translations.  So, please drop us a line!


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Remember, this site is not going to be updated any more. We ran out of free web-space. ^_^;; So go to Gokujyou-doujinshi for the newly developed scanlation team "Gokujou Relief." There will be Naruto doujinshi, Prince of Tennis doujinshi and maybe Harry Potter, too. Beware of possible odd pairings. ^_~ (So far it's Tezuka x Fuji and Sasuke x Naruto).

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April 13, 2006

This site will not be updated anymore, due to lack of space. ^_^ Please go to  for any new doujinshi we may have, or to see the things we're working on right now.


June 25, 2005.

NEW DOUJINSHI: "I exist for you."

Circle: acute girls

Translator: Taes

Pages: 25 of story, 1 cover (Moe*touch).

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New Doujinshi...translated by Taes (so it's not on the poll...)

Circle: Acute Girls

Story: Pillow Talk

Pages: Four story pages, five pages extra stuff




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Warning: This site has some yaoi (male/male relationship)  doujinshi and may contain content ill suited for children. Please take all warnings seriously (posted at each doujinshi's title page).