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Gokujou Naruto Doujinshi

I exist for you

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Gokujou Naruto
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I exist for you

Front Cover

Doujinshi Title: Moe Touch
Featured Story: I exist for you
Author:  (also the designer and sometimes-illustrator ) Saki Otoo 咲木 音穂 (...she seems to like her name in English to be "normal" and puts her family name last...)
Illustrator: Nakamura Tomomi 中村 友美
Translator: Taes. I asked Meghan for advice when I got bored/stuck.
Date Published:  December 2002.
Warnings: Shounen ai. Angst. Some minor violence, but it's better than Kishimoto's. ^_^
Pages: 25 pages.1 cover. 1 preview.
Summary: Sasuke remembers a hard time in his childhood, and almost loses his Naruto.
Date Translated: (notes) June 11, 2005. (sentences) June 24, 2005
Date Scanned: June 11, 2005
Date Uploaded: June 25, 2005
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